Turtle & Terrapin Food

Turtle and Terrapin Food Help and Advice

Give your hard-shelled friends a healthy diet

At Swell UK you can find a selection of easily consumable food for turtles that are packed with essential nutrients to aid turtle health. Enjoyed by turtles and other reptiles that like a dip, foods from King British and Tetra feature a blend of nutrients more suited for their genetically determined needs, reflecting their natural diet.

What is turtle and terrapin food?

Turtle and terrapin food caters specifically for the nutritional requirements of your aquatic reptiles, better replicating the natural sources of food they would eat in the wild to ensure they get just what they need, in the flavours they have evolved to enjoy.

Why should I buy turtle and terrapin food?

Many turtle foods include high-quality proteins, minerals and multivitamins that encourage the growth of a healthy immune system while preventing the spread of disease. Not only do they have a great taste your terrapins and turtles will love (with plenty of krill and shrimp), but they contain all the minerals, vitamins and other nutrients your aquatic turtles need to grow strong muscles and a hard shell.

What are the main types of turtle and terrapin food?

As well as every day, complete foods such as the King British Turtle and Terrapin Complete Food, you can also find specially created foods that contain chitosan, a substance designed to make the turtle's skin more resilient. Tetra Reptomin Sticks are low waste, rich in necessary elements and build up skin, bone and shell for optimum health.

What features should you look out for?

Most turtles and terrapins are omnivores and require a diet with a mix of plant and animal-based foods. Aside from pellets, their diet includes freshwater fish, shrimps, insects, fruits and vegetables. You may also need to incorporate vitamins and additional supplements in your terrapin's diet as well.