Marine Salt

Marine Salt help and advice

The lifeblood of any marine aquarium

Marine salt is vital to encourage coral growth and to ensure that your marine aquarium thrives while recreating a natural environment for the fish. We stock a wide range of marine salt from top aquarium brands including Aquaforest, CaribSea and Seachem.

What is marine salt?

Marine salt is specially formulated salt that contains everything marine fish need to flourish in a saltwater aquarium. Marine salt dissolves into water, breaking down and spreading minerals evenly throughout the water. You may find, over time, that the salt is removed from the water, in part by your livestock and also by filtration, so you will need to top it - you can use various test kits to find out when your aquarium needs more salt.

Why should I buy marine salt?

Marine salt is needed in every marine aquarium. Marine fish are used to the chemical make-up of the ocean and require the minerals found in salty oceanic water to survive. Marine salt will also benefit any coral or invertebrate in your tank, encouraging their vibrant colours to display.

What are the main types of marine salt?

We stock various brands of marine salt from trusted manufacturers, each offering valuable minerals and natural elements found in the ocean. However, much of the marine salt that we stock has been specially designed to offer a specific mixture of minerals and nutrients beneficial to a particular group of fish or coral. Each salt will have suggestions for the best species and environments to use them with but be sure to always do a little research before making a purchase.

What should I look for?

The important thing to look for when buying marine salt is dosage, especially if you are buying salt for a particularly large tank as it may require more than can be bought in a single product. All our marine salts have a recommended dosage and ratio so you can work out how much you'll need for your tank.