Multi Chamber Filters

The Cloverleaf Professional Multi Bay Filter CL1 & CL1V is suitable for goldfish ponds of up to 11,250 litres. It consists of 4 chambers, each containing specific media such as brushes, biological media, Japanese Matting and water polishing media. It is a cost effective unit and uses less media than you would expect to clarify the water, saving both money and power.

Ponds that have a bottom drain filter too, are especially suitable to use with a multi chamber filter. A bottom drain is great to avoid a waste build up in the base of a heavily stocked fish pond. Koi breeders recommend having both types of filter in place to cope with the increased waste a Koi pond can produce.

Delivery on some of the larger items can take longer than our usual delivery service, as they are ordered upon demand. Please note the delivery time on each item, or call our sales team for more information.