Multi Chamber Filters

Multi Chamber Filters Help and Advice

Maximise filtration with minimum maintenance

Essential for the amateur or seasoned fishkeeper, our high-performance multi chamber filters are ideal for medium to heavily stocked goldfish and koi ponds. Each filter is complete with the accessories needed to set up the kit quickly and efficiently. Find well-known brands like Kockney Koi, Oase and loads more here at Swell UK.

What is a multi chamber filter?

Multi chamber filters, also known as biological filters, are usually free-standing filters with an integral vortex designed to improve your fish's environment. Ideal for large stocked ponds, they have space for different types of media and large amounts of water. Multi chamber filters can cope with high levels of waste produced by koi and are essential for maintaining good water quality.

Why might I buy a multi chamber filter?

A large well-stocked pond needs sufficient filtration to ensure that the water is cleansed of fish waste, debris and contaminants. A multi chamber filter has the space to hold various types of media to perform multi-stage filtration on large amounts of water.

What are the main types of multi chamber filters?

Multi chamber filters are powerful pond filters that use multiple filtration chambers to cope with the large volumes of water that require cleaning in your garden pond. The main types of multi chamber filters work on a gravity led or pump-fed principle. The Cloverleaf Professional Multi Bay Filter CL2 is suitable for goldfish ponds of up to 11,250 litres. It consists of 4 chambers, each containing specific media such as brushes, biological media, Japanese Matting and water polishing media. It is a cost-effective unit and uses less media than you would expect to clarify the water, saving both money and power.

What features should I look out for?

Multi chamber units provide constant, consecutive filtration through bays packed with media to cleanse pond water. Each bay will contain bio media, mechanical brushes and filter foams. These work hand in hand together to remove debris particles and keep your pond looking crystal clear. Another feature to look out for is that these systems need to include an area for sludge to settle. Instead of clogging up the media, this will flush sludge out in intervals.

What accessories should I buy with a multi chamber filter?

Some multi chamber filters will need a UV clarifier to help remove harmful bacteria. If you want to know more about UV clarifiers, click here for our helpful guide.