Tropic Marin Tropic Marin RE-Mineral Marine

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TMC Tropic Marin RE-Mineral Marine helps to replenish the important minerals lost during the process of Reverse Osmosis, often used by fish tank enthusiasts as a great way to dechlorinate large volumes of water, but sadly removing important marine minerals in the process. This helps get them back so your tank is healthier than ever.


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Product Information

TMC Tropic Marin RE-Mineral Marine contains minerals for water of reverse osmosis and for soft tap water.

Reverse osmosis water is often used to replace water that has evaporated from the aquarium, this also removes any toxins present in the water. However, this means it also depletes the water of valuable minerals.

Tropic Marin's Re-Mineral Marine replaces all of the lost minerals and vitamins in the RO water. It also contains trace elements to restore levels to those found in natural sea water, for the very best performance.

It's also perfect for conditioning soft tap water for aquarium use.

Dosage: Using measuring spoon provided, use one level spoon for every 15 litres of water / 3.3 gallons

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