Specialist Test Kits

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Specialist Test Kits Help and Advice

Ensure you have the right water chemistry in your tank

It's important to test aquarium water regularly to ensure levels stay within parameters. We carry a huge array of test kits from the general dip tests to the more complicated tests. For general maintenance, we recommend that you test, pH, Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate and General Hardness. However, for more specialist inhabitants or planted aquariums, further tests may be needed.

What are specialist test kits?

Specialist test kits are designed not just to measure the six essential aquarium levels - ammonia, pH, high range pH, water hardness, nitrite, and nitrate - but also to adjust them when necessary. These test kits also test for iodine, magnesium, coral test colours and more.

Why might I buy specialist test kits?

It's essential to have trusty aquarium test kits to rely on. They'll tell you everything you need to know about the quality and composition of your aquarium before you introduce your fish, ensuring their safety from the beginning and will keep your fish tank healthy and looking its best.

What are the main types of specialist test kits?

At Swell UK, we offer a number of specialist test kits for the testing of further chemicals in your aquarium such as the Salifert Profi-Test Kits - Iodine and the Seachem Multi Test. These liquid testing solutions are fast, accurate and easy to use. Additionally we also supply digital aquarium monitoring units that can be connected to your smartphone and even send you updates about the current water chemistry of your tank such as the Seneye Web Server digital monitoring kit.

What features to look out for?

When choosing a specialist test kit you may want to consider if the test measures all essential aquarium chemical levels and if it includes instructions or equipment to fix any unbalanced levels. Many of the test kits will be compatible for use with freshwater and saltwater aquariums, so it's really down to what chemical you want to test for.