Ozonisers help and advice

Advanced cleaning for marine tanks

Ozonisers are high-end cleaning solutions for marine tanks which chemically neutralise waste matter that can produce dangerously toxic pollutants like ammonia and nitrogen. They should only be used by aquarium professionals and in conjunction with a protein skimmer and ozone controller.

What are ozonisers?

Ozonisers produce ozone which can be used to quickly oxidise pollutants in a marine tank, chemically neutralising them so they don't give off harmful chemicals that can injure fish. However, ozone is also toxic in large amounts and will kill fish and plant life if it isn't used very carefully.

Why should I buy ozonisers?

If you are running a large marine tank, ozonisers are a great way to tackle the waste matter created by all of the plants, fish and invertebrates you're keeping. They will prevent harmful chemicals from entering the tank and are energy efficient when compared to other sterilisation and filtration methods.

What are the main types of ozonisers?

We only stock a limited range of ozonisers as they are a specialist product, however, there aren't really different types of ozonisers. When looking at an ozoniser, you should check what extra features it has, such as a built-in timer or display. It's also important to ensure that the ozoniser you're buying is suitable for the size of your tank as each ozoniser has an upper and lower limit.

What should I look for?

When buying an ozoniser be sure to pick up a protein skimmer and ozone controller, as these three work in concert together to ensure the right amount of ozone is entering into your tank. To avoid harming your fish or plant life, be sure to thoroughly research your ozoniser and how it should be used.