Aquarium Systems A la Carte - Green Seaweed

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A La Carte - Green Seaweed by Aquarian is a natural fish food for marine fish. Many fish would simply graze on seaweed in the wild and this can help you replicate their natural diet more easily. Best used with a food clip.


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Product Information

Aquarium Systems A la Carte Green Seaweed replicates natural feeding habits.

High in protein, these tasty strips allow fish to graze as they would in the wild. They can be pre-soaked in aquarium water or a liquid feed supplement for even more nutrition. They can also be supplied dry too, for added convenience.

The food is packaged in a re-sealable bag to keep this tasty food fresh. It can be used with the A la Carte Food Clip to watch your fish feed.

Analysis: protein 33%, fat 3.20%, fibre 27.9%, moisture 9.91%

Suitable for:

  • Saltwater algae grazers
  • Freshwater algae grazers
  • African Cichlids

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