EasyReefs EasySPS EVO

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This natural mixture of marine plankton in a mineral suspension has been specifically designed to be used by dosing pump.


  • EasySPS EVO
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Product Information

The composition of easySPS Evo provides high nutritional value natural proteins that have a balanced aminograma for coral needs, a lipid profile rich in EPA, ara, and DHA, and functional carbohydrates and micronutrients involved in the metabolic system of these animals.

Key Features:

  • Easysps Evo enhances the brightness and intensity of the colours of corals, strengthening and allowing a healthy growth of SPS corals.
  • Easysps Evo contains particles ranging from 0.2 to 400 Microns (55 % from 0,45 to 200 Microns), which makes it ideal to facilitate the capture by the polyps of SPS corals. Manufactured using Easyreefs own raw materials ensures high-quality standards in each production process.

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