Fluval Plant Gro Plus

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This balanced supplement from Fluval contains important chelated nutrients for easy absorption by plants, providing the essential ingredients they need for growing and maintaining.


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Product Information

This Fluval Plant Gro Plus is an improved version that is six times stronger in concentration that their previous supplement. This all-in-one micro nutrient is enriched with iron to help promote vigorous growth, deep colouration and a strong root system for freshwater aquatic plants.

Fortified with Vitamin B to enhance a long-term colour and health, this super formula treats 45l with just 1ml. The Plant Gro Plus is designed to prevent mineral deficiencies as well as promoting disease resistance, and is completely safe for all fish and aquarium inhabitants, including invertebrates.

Ideally, this should be used weekly, as plants naturally deplete micro-nutrients over time and tap water is often lacking of them. For best results, use in conjunction with an Iron Test Kit, to ensure you're maintaining an optimum concentration of 0.3 mg/L of iron within the tank.

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    Date 16/06/2017 06:06am
    Fluval Plant Gro Iron Enriched 250ml
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    I needed something, you had it in stock, I bought it and it was delivered!
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    Date 07/10/2016 14:10pm
    Fluval Plant Gro Iron Enriched 250ml
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    Buy one get one free offer sorted promptly
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    Date 29/03/2016 08:03am
    Fluval Plant Gro Iron Enriched 250ml
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    Only started to use it time will tell
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    Date 25/02/2015 13:02pm
    Nutrafin Plant Gro Iron Enriched 250ml
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    Don't know yet! only just started to use it. AM disappointed the recommended quantity is high for my 650 ltr tank.