CO2 and Planting Equipment Pipework & Fittings

CO2 and Planting Equipment Pipework and Fittings Help and Advice

Everything you need to set up your CO2 system

It is important to make sure that you are fully prepared to set up your CO2 system, and here at Swell UK have all the necessary pipework and parts you might need. From various types and lengths of tubing to stop valves, we have a range of essentials from top brands like TMC and JBL that will ensure you have every eventuality covered.

What are pipework and fittings?

Our range of CO2 and planting equipment pipework and fittings is quite diverse but generally, it's made up of pipework and valves that are used for securing your CO2 supply and ensuring it gets used where it's needed. Each product has been specially designed to create the safest connection possible in your CO2 system.

Why should I buy pipework and fittings?

Carbon Dioxide is fundamental to all plant growth, as carbon is a building block of life. As far as plants are concerned, most aquariums are deficient in CO2. Give them extra CO2 and they will grow and stay healthy.

What are the main types of pipework and fittings?

We sell several different CO2 and planting equipment pipework and fittings including pipework and valves. Pipework is just flexible tubing that allows you to set up your planted aquarium's CO2 system however you want it, delivering important doses of carbon dioxide to all the plants in your aquarium. Valves protect your CO2 system from the aquatic environment they work in, stopping water from flowing backwards through the system.

What features should I look out for?

Many of our products can be used with a variety of units for the very best performance. Ensure that the tubing and valve you're buying is suitable for your CO2 system. As pipework comes in different sizes, it's key to ensure that the tubing you purchase is the right size to fit with your system.