Aquarium Planting Substrate

Aquarium Planting Substrate Help and Advice

Ensure healthy and long-term growth

Aquarium Planting Substrates are used to promote healthy plant growth. It's important to get things right from the start, and this means starting with a nutritious substrate. Promote a healthy aquarium environment with top brands in our aquarium substrate range like JBL, Fluval and Seachem.

What is an aquarium planting substrate?

Planting substrate can have a dual purpose. It provides a base for plants in your aquarium but it can also be a source of nutrients and essential elements to ensure that your beautiful plants stay that way.

Why should I buy aquarium planting substrate?

Planting substrate contains iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, sulphur and other trace elements. These vital nutrients ensure that your plants receive all the food they need for vibrant, strong growth. As well as having a porous texture that delivers the nutrients straight to the plant roots, substrate can act as a home for beneficial bacteria to grow on. These bacteria will help with the nitrogen cycle, converting toxic ammonia eventually into nitrates.

What are the main types of aquarium planting substrate?

We have a broad range of substrates that provide colour and substance to your tank whilst also nourishing the plants. Some can be mixed with gravel but many can be used alone. For example, the JBL Aqua Basis Plus provides an excellent base for plants. It does not need any additional gravel and contains all the essential nutrients without algae's favourite elements phosphate and nitrate. Many contain clay which retains water and ensures the roots are always well supplied with nutrients. Seachem Flourite is a clay-based substrate that contains a huge amount of necessary elements to boost plant life.

What accessories should I buy with aquarium planting substrate?

Adding fertilisers to your tank can promote healthier, faster growth. Check out our planting fertilisers for an additional boost to your greenery.