CO2 Diffusers Help and Advice

Bubble extra CO2 into your aquarium

CO2 diffusers are used alongside CO2 bottles and CO2 sets to spread the release of bubbles through the water. They're tailor-made to allow the highest amount of CO2 to be diffused directly into the aquarium water. Our range of CO2 diffusers includes products from leading brands like JBL and Tropica.

What are CO2 diffusers?

A diffuser allows an effective method for CO2 to enter the aquarium. The CO2 is pushed through a porous medium that breaks down the gas into a fine mist of bubbles. These bubbles are then more easily absorbed by your aquarium water. Your flow coming from your filter will then push the bubbles downwards, allowing for better diffusion rates.

Why should I buy CO2 diffusers?

Since carbon dioxide is a gas, you can't just bubble it through water to mix it in - at least not in sufficient levels to support vigorous plant growth. Diffusers are responsible for helping carbon dioxide dissolve better in aquariums. If you directly inject carbon dioxide into water, chances are they will only form as bubbles and not readily or optimally mix with the water.

What are the main types of CO2 diffusers?

Diffusers are add-on or standalone devices and their main purpose is to dissolve the CO2 from the regulator into the aquarium. Tropica's CO2 diffuser contains a bubble counter, reflux valve and diffuser in just one unit. The bubble counter enables easy and accurate CO2 dosage while a reflux valve prevents the aquarium water from being sucked backwards, which is possible when the bottle gets empty.

What features should you look out for?

It is important to make sure that the diffuser is the right size for your preferred CO2 flow rate. Too small and the bubbles will simply rise to the surface and not disseminate the CO2 throughout the water properly.

What accessories should I buy with CO2 diffusers?

Special CO2 is needed to connect your regulator to your diffuser. The tubing needs to be safe for use with CO2. Regular air line tubing does not have the right properties so be sure to use CO2 resistant tubing.