CO2 Solenoid Valves

CO2 Solenoid Valves Help and Advice

Make the most of theCO2 supply in your planted aquarium

Since plants produce CO2 at night, it is wasteful to add more CO2 during the hours of darkness and can help reduce the likelihood of a CO2 overdose harming the health of your fish. A solenoid valve allows you to turn off the CO2 at night when it's not needed. As a rule, they are hard wearing and long-lasting, and made of good quality materials that ensure high performance. You can find solenoid valves from market-leading brands like JBL that are compatible with several CO2 systems.

What are CO2 solenoid valves?

A solenoid valve can be placed inline to shut the gas off. Plug the solenoid into a plug-in timer and it can be set to turn CO2 on and off automatically, as plants actually produce CO2 at night, so don't need any extra. A non-return valve will stop any back siphoning of aquarium water when gas is off, and adaptors are available to enable different thread size fitting if required.

Why should I buy CO2 solenoid valves?

Solenoids are essential pieces of equipment for the control of CO2 in the planted aquarium. Solenoids are particularly useful as they cut off the CO2 supply to your aquarium when their lights are off, therefore saving you money and making the aquarium environment safer at night for your fish when plants release CO2. If you don't use a solenoid you run the risk of causing oxygen starvation of your fish and big pH fluctuations.

What are the main types of CO2 solenoid valves?

The JBL ProFlora v002 Solenoid Valve is a fairly straightforward piece of equipment that can be used with any CO2 system. It controls the flow of gas and the CO2 supply via a timer. Using a timer with this valve means that you can set the CO2 supply to switch off in the evening when the supply is needed. It can also be used alongside a pH controller to dictate the CO2 supply according to the pH.