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Regulate the pH value and supply of CO2 automatically

Having your aquarium run automatically is a dream for many fish tank owners. Everyone wants a device that can automate many of the imperative tasks of fish and coral keeping. Our range of computers and probes provide high precision measurement and control. Find leading manufacturers like JBL, to gain precise values of pH and CO2 in the aquarium.

What are aquarium electrodes?

Computers and probes measure the presence of CO2 and pH. They have the ability to closely monitor CO2 and pH levels in your aquarium to allow for the best environment, promote plant growth and healthy fish.

Why should I buy aquarium computers and probes?

The idea behind aquarium computers and probes is to make keeping an aquarium easier by continuously monitoring and controlling important functions and parameters. They help maintain a consistent aquatic environment for fish, aquatic plants, corals and other invertebrates.

What are the main types of aquarium computers and probes?

By using a pH controller you can put your CO2 deployment on auto-pilot, and only dose CO2 into your aquarium as and when it's needed. For example, the JBL Proflora pH-Control is ideal for controlling a carbon dioxide system. When the pH is high the controller turns on the carbon dioxide system. Whereas the JBL ProFlora CO₂ Count Safe 2 carefully measures the dose of CO2 into your planted aquarium, optimising the growth of your aquatic flora. The magnified, transparent tube allows you to see the number of bubbles produced and as such the levels of CO2 in your aquarium. It's great as an extra counter, or if the diffuser is concealed.