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Test your aquarium KH levels with this JBL KH Test. Simple to use and with accurate readings, you simply use a colour chart to determine the hardness of your aquarium water, allowing you to adjust accordingly with buffers or removers.


  • Kh Test Kit
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Product Information

Use the JBL KH Test Set to determine the carbonate hardness (KH) level in your salt or fresh water aquarium. This is vital for the health of your tank, for life forms to flourish.

The test uses a colour changing system to determine the level of KH. One drop of solution equates to one level of carbonate hardness. Simply add 5ml of aquarium water to the measuring vial and add one drop of solution slowly, counting the drops, until the water turns yellow. Full instructions are included in the kit.

The recommended level in fresh water is around 4-8⁰ Dkh.

Key Features:

  • Includes solutions and containers.
  • Suitable for fresh and salt water aquariums.
  • Can even be used in garden ponds.
  • Colour change from blue to yellow.

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