JBL Pro AquaTest Ca Calcium

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Use the JBL Pro AquaTest Ca Calcium to gauge the calcium levels in your marine aquarium. This product replaces JBL's old JBL Calcium Test Set Ca.


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Product Information

Calcium is a vital component in salt water as it is used to form healthy and strong skeletal formations in corals and other organisms. A too low calcium level in a marine aquarium affects the growth of corals and impairs invertebrates life functions. It is naturally depleted from the water in a healthy aquarium, so levels must be tested and replenished on a regular basis, using a test kit such as JBL Pro AquaTest Ca.

To use, fill cuvette with sample water, add reagents and count drops until the colour changes. Number of drops x 20 = Ca content.

Box Contains: 1 Ca test kit, incl. 3 reagents, plastic cuvette, syringe, dosing spoon.

Recommended Calcium Levels: Marine Aquarium: 390-440 mg/l

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